Georgian Association for Psychosocial Aid “Ndoba”
is a non-governmental, theoretical and practical organization, which has been working in the field of mental health and psychosocial aid since 1990.
The mission of “Ndoba” is to render assistance to people being in psychological crisis and create and develop psychosocial aid system in Georgia.

“Ndoba” promotes implementation of mental health reform in Georgia. It works on elaboration of mental health policy recommendation in Georgia and integration of mental health issues in the primary health care, educational system and etc.

“Ndoba” offers professional service to people being in crisis and persons with mental health problems. It assists individuals as well as the organizations working in the field of psychosocial aid in receiving appropriate education and consultations.

"Ndoba" provides the following services: Urgent Telephone Psychological Aid Centre, Center for Crisis Aid and Mental Health, Training and Consultation Centre, Personal Development Club.

Contact information:
Address: Tbilisi, Tsinamdzgvrishvili Str. 102
Tel: 98 21 71, 95 25 35
Contact person: Nana Aghapishvili



Development and piloting of the community-based mental health outpatient service model in Georgia