The Coalition was legally established on 8 August, 2008 by 6 Georgian NGOs acting in mental health field.

Full members:

Georgian Association for Psychosocial Aid “NDOBA”

represents the professional service for people being in crisis and persons with mental health problems. “Ndoba” helps individuals as well as the organizations working in the field of psychosocial aid through providing appropriate education and consultations. more

Georgian Association for Mental Health (GAMH)

operates to improve the mental health of all citizens of Georgia through advocacy, education, research and service. GAMH is promoting Mental Health Care reforms in Georgia through developing community-based approaches. more

Association for People in Need of Special Care (APNSC)

serves young people and adults with mental retardation and represents the first community-based service delivery organization in Georgia. more

Association Anti Stigma

The Association “Anti Stigma” is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with the main aim to reduce stigma towards mental problems. more

Women's Union RHEA


Sail Georgia


Associated members:
Development and piloting of the community-based mental health outpatient service model in Georgia