”Association for People in Need of Special Care”
is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization. It was established in 1990 under the name of “Dayhome for Social Therapy”. In May of 2000 it was given the present name.

The ultimate goal of the Association is to create the environment, social-therapeutic communities and other kind of services in Georgia that will make individual development and social integration of young people and adults with mental retardation possible; will enable involvement of elderly people into the social-therapeutic communities.

Model institution “Dayhome for Social Therapy” creates the basis for establishment and activities of the new units.

The Association provides the following strategy:

  • Establishing the social-therapeutic institution in the form of work and living communities
  • Supporting the development of other services for target groups
  • Educating the social therapeutists and supporting the education and qualification of other needed specialists
  • Consulting, training the family members of the target groups; supporting their communication with each other
  • Supporting the establishment of the right, healthy attitudes towards the target group and the change of the widespread stereotypes
  • Supporting the protection of interests and rights of the target group
  • Developing the local and international collaboration

The Association provides the following main programs:

  • Establishment of social-therapeutic work and living communities
  • Preparation of the staff
  • Public relations

Contact information:
Address: Tbilisi, Ubilava str 9
Tel: 77 63 07, 77 54 85. fax: 77 54 85
E-mail: info@apnsc.ge
Website: www.apnsc.ge
Contact person: Nana lomadze, Natia Tsiqoridze (Managers)


Development and piloting of the community-based mental health outpatient service model in Georgia